Fotogalleriet is a member of FUTURES, an Europe-based photography platform bringing together the global photography community to support and nurture the professional development of emerging artists across the world.

So much keep up with, but don’t worry! Under here you’ll find a neat timeline of upcoming events and important dates.

The Fotogalleriet team and the 2023 nominated artists attended the FUTURES Annual Event hosted by the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center in Budapest for the first time. The FUTURES Annual Event welcomed 100 artists, 23 curators, and the heads of major international contemporary photography institutions. Featuring one exhibition,three lectures, and four workshops, it offered an extensive calendar with exclusive appointments for the FUTURES artists selected in 2023, alongside public events.

The 2023 Fotogalleriet nominated artists Dev Dhunsi, Naina Helén Jåma, Bobby Yu Shuk Pui, Paulina Tamara, and Ilavenil Vasuky Jayapalan showcased their work as part of the Photo Festival Oslo Negativ. Fotogalleriet is indebted to external committee members Susanne Hætta, artist, writer, and Dáiddadállu artists’ collective member; Liv Brissach, a writer and curator at The Art Museum of Northern Norway; and Kristin Aasbø, curator and Senior Archivist at The National Museum of Photography, Preus, for their contribution to the nomination and selection process for 2023. 

Trigger #5: Energy, is an exploration of that question — and broadly thematizes alternative approaches to energy through photography, the issue of society’s decarbonization, the call for repair, and collective values. The launch for Trigger #5: Energy is scheduled during the FUTURES Meet-Up on November 13-14 at FOMU — Photo Museum Antwerp. More information is available if YOU CLICK HERE!

If you are interested in being nominated as a FUTURES artist by Fotogalleriet, please get in touch with us at post@fotogalleriet.no 


Through this issue you’ll get another understanding of waste, the darkroom, and photography itself. It is photography itself that shows us possible routes, beyond the human, to spiritual energies that can help us repair and heal and ultimately centre (photography on) non-extractive values (and techniques). Trigger #5 consists of thirteen contributions (essays, artist contributions, conversations) which engender possible ways photography might start to unlearn entrenched ideas and habits concerning the use and abuse of energy.

Contributions by: Duncan Wooldridge, Sylvia Ballhause, Máté Dobokay, Agata Madejska, Mariama Attah, Euridice Zaituna Kala, René D’amour Hitimana, Risk Hazekamp, Eline Benjaminsen, Tanja Engelberts, Bas Blaasse, Hannah Fletcher, Hiroki Shin, Cara Daggett, Sheng-Wen Lo, Cale Garrido, Kateryna Radchenko, Yana Kononova, Tina Farifteh, Yvette Monahan, Hiền Hoàng, Sebastian Koudijzer, Léonard Pongo, Caroline Woolard.

Cover image: female anger expressed by Roshanak Morrowatian (@roshanak_morrowatian), photo by Tina Farifteh (@tinafarifteh).

The platform currently draws from and collaborates with a consortium of the following art institutions across Europe to amplify emerging talents in photography: CAMERA — Centro Italiano per la Fotografia (IT), Centre Photographique Rouen Normandie (FR), Copenhagen Photo Festival (DK), Triennial of Photography Hamburg (DE), Der Greif (DE), FOMU (BE), FOTODOK (NL), Fotofestiwal Lodz (PL), Fotogalleriet (NO), Fotograf Magazine (CZ), Organ Vida (HR), ISSP (LV), PhotoEspaña (ES), PhotoIreland (IE), Photo Romania Festival (RO), Bienal Fotografia do Porto (PT), Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center (HU), Void (GR), Photo Elysée (CH), Photoforum Pasquart (CH) and Centre de la photographie Genève (CH). More information about the FUTURES platform is available her.

FUTURES is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. Eurokleis is a research partner of the platform, and MAGNUM PHOTOS is the educational partner of FUTURES.