Anders Eiebakke

Anders Eiebakke (b.1970) first showed how civil society can use technology reserved for authorities when he flew his self-produced drones from Morocco over the border fence of the Spanish exclave of Melilla in North Africa. As an artist, he has been operating his own drones, usually inspired by birds, since 2007 and his works reflect his political background from the radical left. Eiebakke’s pioneering artistic work with drones was shown at the European biennial Manifesta in 2010, and he has since challenged the understanding of legislation and power relations in technology with and delivered a decoration to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority based on drone technology in 2016. In 2018, he created an extensive, performative work based on on historical studies at PAM 18 in Munich where, among other things, he developed a robot peace dove that paid tribute to the German revolution in 1918. In 2020, Anders Eiebakke produced the video suite 'The Park' for Fotogalleriet as part of the discursive artistic programme 'Lets Talk About Images 2.1.0', which reflected on the muddled history of the monumental Vigeland Park's and connected this to modern-day conspiracy theories and a fictional(?) pandemic. 'The Square' is the artist's first independent film produced for viewing outside a biennale or exhibition space format.