Online Exhibition

Nikhil Vettukattil

Infinity circles the horizon


Online Exhibition

I don’t think we can say there are too many or too few images, or I don’t know what standard or measure we could use to decide that. I think that statement captures more of a feeling or a reaction, and that’s probably a more common feeling after the invention of photography. We certainly have many images to deal with everyday, especially photographic images, videos, advertising, photoshopped images and renderings. How to approach this situation is something I am concerned with as an artist and a maker of images. I often rework found images over using certain production approaches which I find cliche or kitsch. Maybe this method can be seen as a response to question like this.

Fotogalleriet is proud to present the first in many artistic and curatorial projects on our new online exhibition platform.
For our first online exhibition commission, artist Nikhil Vettukatil has developed a digital landscape and game-play called ‘Infinity Circles The Horizon’. The project has throughout 2021 been tested and used by students as part of the Learning and Research production ‘Let’s Talk About Images: 3D scanning workshop’, where the artist and students scanned and placed physical-world objects and placed them within the artist-made digital realm. We welcome you to navigate this alternate exhibition environment, and to read more about the project under ‘Interviews’.

Nikhil Vettukattil is an artist and writer based in Oslo. Recent exhibitions include Documenta 15 (as part of project by the collectives Tenthaus and lumbung radio), CAPC Bordeaux, Arthub Copenhagen, Sundy Gallery, London, Centralbanken, Kunstnerforbundet, and Kunsthall Oslo, as well as the inaugural exhibition of the National Museum in Norway.

Game download available soon

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