Strategy 2022-2027

Fotogalleriet, Autumn 2022 – Autumn 2027

Motto / Vision / Strategy / Action

Who sees. Who is seen

Fotogalleriet will assert itself as Norway’s leading kunsthalle for photography and make its mark internationally through the production of art and knowledge.

From our Statutes:

The foundation’s purpose is to shape artistic photography, gain knowledge about photography, and develop an interest in photography, mainly emphasizing photography as a free personal means of artistic expression. Such function is sought to be fulfilled, among other things, by:

a) Regularly arrange exhibitions of photographic art in and outside its premises;

b) Works to strengthen a photographic environment by arranging or contributing to lectures, courses, workshops, seminars, discussion evenings, and similar initiatives;

c) Be an open arena for diverse photographic expressions, approaches, belonging, and perspectives. In this way, Fotogalleriet takes a social responsibility.

Fotogalleriet strategy for 2022–2027 is twofold in order to fulfill its vision:



1.1 Fotogalleriet must have a clear curatorial and professional position in the field of photography and contemporary art nationally and internationally

1.2 Fotogalleriet must actively contribute to art and knowledge production;

1.3 Fotogalleriet shall build professional and social communities.



2.1 Fotogalleriet must have suitable premises that enable a strategy for discourse development and ensure good working environments (architecture);

2.2 Fotogalleriet must have finances that enable investment in specialized discourse and personnel;

2.3 Fotogalleriet must be a responsible and supportive employer for employees and partners (personal, artists, curators);

2.4 Fotogalleriet’s board must continuously further develop the organization, also at the board level.