EXHIBITION From 27.04.2016 To 30.04.2016

Once a year we invite students at Elvebakken high school to Fotogalleriet to set up their own exhibition. The project is in collaboration with the photo students at the schools Media and Communication studies. The students produce their own works under the guidance of teachers and guest photographers, as well as the head of education at the gallery. In addition, the students are themselves responsible for the marketing, curating and mounting of the exhibition.

The project explores new education methods related to the gallery. By opening the gallery for the students’ own pictures Fotogalleriet want to develop and challenge established understandings of art mediation. Fotogalleriet want to be in an active dialogue with the audience, and the friend school program is part of Fotogalleriet’s education strategy aimed at children and young people. The project encourages the participation and discussion, and in this sense it is also important for realizing art’s role in society for challenging and creating meaning.

Curators: Students Embla Åslein, Marthe Hagelien and Selma Johanne Bahner. PR: Students Oscar Sandsgaard Thue, Axel Wik Tønnesen ,Sjur Erlimo Bredesen, Mikkel B. Henmo, Endre Mistereggen. Mounting: Students Juliet Kvam, Ole Garbo and Adam Wenell

Exhibitors: Vemund Rundberget, Rebekka Nordrik Reed, Martine Mandt Brekne, Martine Sandvold, Sondre Nikolaisen Masvie, Hilde Lyhmann, Embla Åslein, Hanna Bendiksby, Markus Rusti, Juliet Kvam, Ole Garbo, Adam Wenell, Marthe Hagelien, Sjur Erlimo Bredesen, Mikkel B. Henmo, Ousu Oluf Leigh, Endre Mistereggen, Oscar Sandsgaard Thue, Selma Johanne Bahner, Marlene Dalsklev Bruvoll and Axel Wik Tønnesen.

Teachers: Anders Grøstad og Marit Jakobsen.

PR Elvebakken: Student Oscar Sandsgaard Thue, phone 94845249
Contact Fotogalleriet Marit Roland,, phone 91865903 / 22200559

The exhibition will be opened by Rina Mariann Hansen, City Councilor for Culture, Sports and Volunteering.