Various Artists
EXHIBITION From 03.11.2018 To 12.01.2019

With Generational: An Anthology of Nordic Photobooks, Fotogalleriet looks back at the past years of its on-going Nordic Dummy Award (NDA) to provide insight into a shift in how we sift through the book as a rising currency of dissemination of visual propositions, as well as a tool for fostering alternative ways of how we navigate knowledge. Through this brief history, we can already read today how, in less than a decade, images have migrated into the physical “book-object”, leaving the screen behind. Digital technology has acted as an enabler, making it possible for artists to design and produce the first print of their own books, which are later professionally published –such is the case of the NDA winning proposals.

The NDA, which was established as an annual prize by Fotogalleriet and FFF in 2012, aimed at presenting new photographic tendencies within the Nordic countries and at stimulating new photographic productions from within the field, has now reached its 2018 edition. NDA is already redefining itself by presenting the ways in which approaches to photography are constantly changing, particularly in the Nordic countries, proving that this photobook prize still serves as a unique platform for enabling artistic expressions to come. It is at the forefront of its discourse and reaches a wide spectatorship of critical attention.

Generational: An Anthology of Nordic Photobooks, gathers six years of award winning photobooks from the NDA. It also present the nine finalist photobooks from the 2018 edition, that are concurrently touring the Nordic countries.

Terje Abusdal, Øystein Agerlie, Celeste Arnstedt, Sanne Vils Axelsen, Simon Berg, Theo Elias, August Eriksson, Christina Leithe Hansen, Damian Heinisch, Anna Hyvärinen, Karina-Sirkku Kurz, Ole Nesset, Steffen Kloster Poulsen, Karolina Paatos, Matilde Søes Rasmussen, Maija Annikki Savolainen, Katarina Skønsberg, Iikka Tolonen, Tina Umer, Petter Wessel.