Lene Ask, JH Engström, Mattias Härenstam, Tomas Lagermand, Lundme, Emil Salto, Lina Selander & Nina Strand
PROJECT From 10.02.2018 To 15.02.2018

Stafett is a project based on an artists collaboration between Danish artist Tomas Lagermand Lundme, Swedish artist JH Engström and Norwegian artist, writer and editor Nina Strand. Together they produced the art fanzine Militær from 2006-2009, a photocopy fanzine where Lundme, Engström and Strand all submitted their own work within a shared concept. The project was meant to be a common ground for Scandinavian photographers.

On May 1st 2016, Lundme, Engström and Strand invited seven artists to participate in an artistic stafett. A shared mail thread from May 1st 2016, which officially ended on May 1st 2017, is the starting point of Stafett as a publication and an exhibition at Fotogalleriet. The exhibition will also include new films by Mattias Härenstam and Lina Selander in separate rooms.

The artists’ publication will be released February 9th at 7pm.

– Lene Ask (NO) is a Norwegian photographer, illustrator, comics artist and children’s book writer. She has attended the Bergen Academy of Art and Design, the University of Prague, the University of Bergen and the Rogaland School of Art.

– JH Engström (SE) is a Swedish photographer who lives and works in Paris and has published several photobooks. He has attended the Götenborg Academy of Art.

– Mattias Härenstram (SE/NO) mainly works with film and sculpture. He has attended the Bergen Academy of Art and Design and Städelschule, Frankfurt.

– Thomas Lagermand Lundme (DK) is a writer, painter and a playwright. He attended the Teaterskolen Centrum, the Gøglerskolen, the Forfatterskolen and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

– Emil Salto (DK) lives and works in Copenhagen. He attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

– Line Selander (SE) attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm. She is represented by Galleri Riis.

– Nina Strand (NO) is a Norwegian photographer and writer, founder of the art journal Objektiv.

Fotogalleriet is delighted to start the new year with Photobooks Weeks from January 15th to February 15th. During this time the gallery will be turned into an inspiring reading lounge open to the public. The lounge will provide visitors with amazing books from our growing library collection as well as books and discounted goods from our bookshop. In addition to this Fotogalleriet will have exclusive events, including an inspirational photobook-workshop where you can make your own ideas come to life. The workshop will provide both practical information about sourcing materials, various techniques, but also guide its participants through how to develop their ideas into a final product.