Marianne Bjørnmyr, Dev Dhunsi, Jon Gorospe, Janne Kruse, Sarah Vajira Lindstöm, Stine Gonsholt & Åse Løvgren, Io Sivertsen 
EXHIBITION From 11.05.2023 To 25.06.2023
Grafikk for Vårutstillingen 2023
Grafikk for Vårutstillingen 2023

The Norwegian Association of Fine Art Photographers (FFF) and Fotogalleriet are pleased to open the 42nd edition of the Spring Exhibition, an annual exhibition dedicated to exhibiting a broad selection of contemporary art from the photographic field. 

Since 1976, the Spring Exhibition has been an important yearly event for Norwegian photographic art. During 46 years, and through almost an equal number of editions, this long-standing tradition of cyclical exhibitions has driven forward photography’s position within the Norwegian art field. Every edition continues to be a unique gathering for the photographic community. 

Through the Spring Exhibition, you can witness what current tendencies occupy contemporary artists and the distinctive methodologies and techniques they use to work with the photographic medium. In such a way, the exhibition is a fissure and the most direct expression of our time.  

“Sometimes it is easier to nail down what is not rather than what it is.” Such a tendency became evident while the jury worked on the final selection for the Spring Exhibition. As a jury, one looks for what’s happening in the field, recurring themes, and a representation of the zeitgeist. This year’s exhibition comprises seven works by eight artists who all use different mediums to create a visual counterpoint to the ubiquitous imagery surrounding us. By highlighting technology, production, and the ongoing climate crisis, the works describe, question, or call for changes in modern societies.

The Spring Exhibition is an annual event by artists for artists. Decided by resolution at the general committee of FFF in 1976, the Spring Exhibition was established, as an answer to the Autumn Exhibition, to ensure the position of photographic art within the Norwegian contemporary art field. The exhibition is based on open submission and a thorough peer-to-peer juration.

The 2023 jury consists of Yanir Shani, Tobias Liljedahl og Sofie Amalie Klougart.

Since 2010 The Relief Fund for Visual Artists (BKH) has awarded one of the artists of the Spring Exhibition with the BKH Prize for Photographic Art, Norway’s largest photography award.

The Norwegian Association of Fine Art Photographers (FFF) was initiated by Knut Evensen and Robert Meyer in 1974, as an answer to the need to strengthen the position of artistic photography. As of then FFF has been a nationwide members organization that work widely and ambitiously, professionally, and politically to promote artistic photography in Norway, as well as safeguard the social and political interests of photographic artists.

Fotogalleriet is the first Nordic institution dedicated solely to photography as a critical artistic practice. Since its establishment in 1977, Fotogalleriet has, through mediation and exhibitions, acted as a mediator between the national and the international discourse on photography. For several decades Fotogalleriet has been collaborating closely with FFF in the realization of the Spring Exhibition.

The Norwegian Association of Fine Art Photographers wish to thank Norwegian Photographic Fund (Nofofo), The Royal Ministry of Culture (Kultur- og likestillingsdepartementet) and Oslo municipality for the support of the Spring Exhibition.

Fotogalleriet’s main support comes from The Royal Ministry of Culture (Kultur- og likestillingsdepartementet) and additional support comes from Norwegian Photographic Fund (Nofofo) and Oslo municipality.