Graduating students from Fyrstikkalleen High School
EXHIBITION From 04.05.2018 To 06.05.2018

Fotogalleriet is pleased to welcome Mirror/Mirror – a photography exhibition by the students from the Fyrstikkalléen Videregående Skole and St. Mary’s College of Maryland (USA).

The exhibition will be opened by blogger Martine Halvorsen.

The works shown arise from the students questions such as: What is reflected when you look in the mirror? Reality and facts or your interpretation and perception of the world? Are our realities the same? How do you judge the reflection? Do you categorize and classify? How do you decide what is good and evil?

The students have been free to interpret these questions through their own work, and they have been challenged to reflect on what a photograph is, how it affects us, and to question the perception of the photograph as truth. In this way, they gained a broader understanding of what we see, feel and think and how this can be expressed through the photographs they have taken.

“I’m tired, I’m in a great mood, I’m happy, I notice that I’m tired, I’m nauseous and I have the same feelings as everyone else does and the main goal was to capture my own moments. Capture my bipolar mood, where my world is falling apart, doors falling, washing machines flooding and my own mini concert in the kitchen while I’m cooking. Totally real and ordinary.”
Meriton Berisha

While working on the exhibition at Fotogalleriet, the students have also been divided into different project groups that have had primary responsibility for progress, curating, installation and marketing. They have met relevant photographers, learned about how Fotogalleriet is run and how an exhibition is put together, mounted and made visible.

The project was carried out in collaboration with documentary photographer Anne-Stine Johnsbråten and Annika Hagstrøm, responsible for communication at Fotogalleriet, with support from Arts Council Norway.

Meriton Berisha (NO), Jakub Ciaputa (NO), Nick Conroy (USA), Conner Dorbin (USA), Jasmin Spatalaj El-Kadi (NO), Carl Freeman (USA), Arisha Haider (NO), Emilie Hartmann (NO), Vanessa Karami (NO), Cecelia Marquez (USA), Helle Myrvold (NO), Elizabeth Brenda Abowat Nilssen (NO), Jonas Bring Sjøli (NO), Julie Christine Sørum Reklingsholmen (NO), Silje Flo Røsten (NO), Emma Alexandra Strøm (NO), Emil Varjord Söderström (NO), Jonas Bring Sjøli (NO), Mali Aalbu (NO)