The Plantation
EXHIBITION From 17.08.2015 To 23.08.2015

14th – 23rd of August, FOTOSTUDIO will be open during the regular opening hours of Fotogalleriet for the audience to observe the artists in their process towards the image making

21st of August 9pm, Finissage

The Plantation Studio and Fotogalleriet have the honour of inviting you to the exhibition FOTOSTUDIO, taking place at Fotogalleriet 14th – 23rd of August. During this project period, the gallery will be turned into a photography studio and creative working space for the artists to explore their own practice in relation to a specific space and set of materials. The artists will all be responding to the same given materials, before photographing them in their constructed way. The selected images by each participating artist will then be presented at the finissage on Friday 21st of August at 7pm. These images will also be collected and printed as a publication, to be launched during the Fotobokfestival Oslo, September 2015.

The Plantation is a London based art initiative and project space founded in 2012 by Trine Stephensen and Elevine Berge. The Plantation showcases explorations within the curatorial and photographic fields in the contemporary arts through exhibitions and events in various locations, publications such as the biannual The Plantation Journal, and also through their online platform The Plantation Collective.

Participating artists: Christian Tunge (NO), Vilde J. Rolfsen (NO), Sara Skorgan Teigen (NO), Petter Berg (SE) and Johan Rosenmunthe (DK).